what’s in a name?


Ron Wyn, wordsmith/coach

Having formally plunged into the depths of scientific and psychological abstractions, Ron Wyn has got both sides of the brain covered. Ron has been teaching, counseling, and writing for over thirty years. His main focus in life is to embrace True Self through the silent blossoming of awareness.


Swaram, melodious note

Swaram–the troubadour–passionately conveys thoughts and feelings through vocal expression. An inspiration to himself, Swaram truly hopes you can benefit from his ongoing cathartic process as much as he does. Swaram is firmly committed to dissolving into an ocean of pure existential bliss, here and now.  


Ronny Lemos, deviser/mastermind

Meet Ronny Lemos. He oversees the entire operation and is mainly responsible for all structural, financial, and practical facets of the enterprise. Ronny dreams of a glorious discontinuance into the timeless oblivion while fighting the good fight as a poorly managed separate entity.

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