Esteemed earthling,

In view of the current circumstances, we felt the need to provide you with a few clarifications and suggestions. We sincerely hope they are enough to boost your energy levels a bit. After all, you look exhausted. And it has only been a few days…

1. First and foremost…

Please go easy on yourself. Eat well, drink plenty of water, get enough rest, find some "me" time, take deep breaths.

Be out in nature. Nature recharges your system. Be in contact with animals. Animals remind you of unconditional love. Animals reflect your true nature.

2. Then…

Do what you need to do. If you feel you must, by all means keep informed, but try not to get into pointless arguments.

It’s no use trying to change others. More often than not, forcibly imposing your point of view on others only makes them more entrenched in their beliefs.

Avoid getting together with likeminded people to complain about the circumstances. Chances are you will accomplish nothing but the intensification and propagation of negative thoughts and emotions.

Brace yourself: You could be in for a long ordeal.

3. The situation…

A major lesson here is acceptance. See that what is happening is already here and has been accepted in the collective field of awareness.

Paradigm shift is a strong possibility. Like everything else in a world of duality, paradigms come and go.

A social paradigm is a collective group mind. A social paradigm is a collective mental pattern. It is a way of thinking adopted by the majority and, although it has no independence existence, it has a life of its own. It is like a crowd.

The current social paradigm has been fully exposed in its absurdity. It had been hiding in plain sight, but now it has come out, kicking, screaming. It has been bursting with extremism and aggressiveness like a cornered animal.

Make no mistake. The dominant paradigm will fight for dear life until the very end. It might even take the entire world down with it.

The current situation is much beyond political parties or perspectives. Its true resolution depends on radical change in mentality.

Those representing the dominant paradigm are just pawns. They are just playing their part. Without them this worn out mindset would not be in such clear evidence. Without them the dominant paradigm would not have been called out so blatantly.

Deep down you knew this was going to happen, sooner or later. It really is a good thing that crisis is out like a full-blown inflammation. The dominant paradigm had been slowly but surely killing everyone and everything on this earth.

4. The opportunity…

An invaluable opportunity presents itself. A critical mass of people carrying a new set of values could upgrade the collective mindset.

This implies that the possibility of a shift in social paradigm depends on a shift in individual paradigms.

It is uncertain how much longer the dominant paradigm will last. Even the notion of social paradigm is open for questioning and scholarly discussions. But a shift in your own mindset is a reality, a necessity, and the good news is that it solely depends on you.

You need to ask yourself if you are willing to move beyond the current mindset of competition and scarcity toward a gentler perspective, one where collaboration and sufficiency are the norm.

You need to ask yourself if you are willing to give up accumulation and embrace allocation.

You need to ask yourself if you are willing to go from separation to inclusion.

You have possibly reached a point where something's finally got to give. And what's got to give is the old you. You are being called to take a hard look inside. You are being called to examine your motives, your behavior, your very identity.

5. Assurance…

No matter which side of the fence you're on, if you commit deeply to your own inner work, then no matter what happens, success is guaranteed, because it only depends on you.

6. Change…

Change can be scary. Change can make you shrink in fear. But change can also take you to the other side. Change is inevitable. Change is an aspect of the natural cycle of life and death.

You can only change the world by changing your world.

If I change, you change, he changes, she changes, they change, eventually the entire thing shifts. But the changes were really individual.

Reaction does not lead to change. Reaction only leads to more reaction.

7. Back to basics…

Time to face the fact that what goes on outside is a reflection of your inner workings.

When you blame others, you avoid looking at your own shadow. When you blame others, you deny responsibility for your own feelings. When you blame others, you relinquish your personal power.

8. The how-tos…

Neutralizing a mental pattern is a painful, but simple process. You need to take a good look at unexamined motives. You need to start questioning unquestioned answers. You need to look within with purpose, courage, and honesty.

Are you angry? Depressed? Disheartened? Desperate? Instead of reacting, learn to stop and observe. Sit still and allow whatever has presented itself to fully manifest before your mind’s eye. Allow whatever has presented itself to live its life fully. Then, and only then, will it be able to leave you for good. Then, and only then will it be able to die in peace.

Powerlessness is just another ugly facet of the old dualistic mindset. If you feel powerless, embrace the feeling. Accept. It’s really all you can do. Anything else is just a temporary measure, an executive order…

9. The understanding…

Once you've worked on yourself and start living from your heart, from what you truly feel is right and makes you feel good, your role in this mess will manifest clearly and effortlessly.

The heart is not new age mumbo jumbo. The heart is who you really are behind the selfish play. The heart is your true nature.

The heart allows you to see clearly that community functions better than the individual. The heart allows you to see clearly that everyone is created equal. The heart allows you to see clearly that solidarity makes you feel good. The heart allows you to see clearly that generosity is more rewarding than greed.

10. Oh, my God…

If you place your hopes on God, if you believe God is punishing you or humanity, if you think God is having a laugh while you suffer, then God is just an idea in your head.

God is not at all what you think. Not at all. God is the road, not the map. God is the food, not the menu. God is the moon, not the finger. God is impossibly inconceivable, yet it is closer than your most intimate secret.

God is you, and everybody else. God is every animal, vegetable, mineral. God is every spec of dust in the universe…and more. God is potential. God is actualization. God is possibility. God is here, now.

God can only act through you. And you. And you. And you. And you. And you. And you. And you. And you. And you. Please keep that in mind.

11. Activism…

Organization, resistance, and action are great options. But remember, above all, this is about inner transformation.

We need to repeat this again and again. Please realize what happens outside is a reflection of our inner workings.

This does not mean you are suddenly in love with all beings. This does not mean you won’t act. It means that whatever you do will come from the bottom of the bottom of your heart. And the heart is never wrong.

You can go on marches, donate money, you can resist all you want, but if you continue with the blame, the hatred, the projections, and the violence, you are doomed. No matter which side of the fence you’re on, you are still part of the old paradigm.

12. More choices…

Time to start making better choices. Time to be responsible. Time to be mature. Time to defend and support those who are working toward a better world, toward equality, toward peace and equal rights, toward better treatment and better wages, toward mutual respect, toward love, toward social justice.

Time to make smart choices on who supplies your food, where you get your clothes, and how you get around.

Time to consider energy sources. Time to use energy responsibly.

Not only time to agree, but time to engage.

13. And in the end…

From a truly pragmatic perspective, it really doesn't matter if this is the last breath of an old paradigm or if a new, uglier world order is imminent, or even if you are quickly marching to your doom.

The only thing that matters is getting to know yourself in very concrete and practical terms, here and now. Trust me on this.