What if you could make use of the biological process of sleep to access deep states of meditation effortlessly?

welcome to yoga nidra!

Yoga nidra is a profoundly restorative sleep-based guided meditation that helps you disengage from your troubling thoughts and de-stress naturally. By employing breath and body awareness techniques, yoga nidra provides relief from the overstimulation brought about by a hectic lifestyle and restores you to your innate state of wellness.

No need to sit in complex, painful positions. Just rest comfortably and allow yoga nidra to induce a thorough relaxation response in the body that drops you below the thoughts that keep you awake at night.

The hardest thing you’ll have to do in yoga nidra is stay awake. In fact, even if you fall asleep, you’ll still get the benefits, which include–among many others–anxiety, fear, and depression management, hormone regulation, quieting down of chattery mind, integration of unresolved issues, improved sleep cycles, jet lag relief, and healing of mental patterns.

So get cozy, loosen up and enjoy the ride while yoga nidra brings your system back to its intrinsic balance.